Energy policy, energy storage markets, revenue models and international contracting. Meet Solar Energy Expo

The share of green energy production in Poland increases from year to year. Citizens are increasingly choosing photovoltaic solutions and using renewable energy sources. How to make their percentage increase even more? These and other questions will be answered by Solar Energy Expo, an industry trade fair for the renewable energy sources industry, which will be held on January 16-18, 2024 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

According to analyses, electricity production in Poland decreased by over four percent compared to the previous year. Domestic consumption was also lower and most of this matter is still produced from hard coal and lignite. An increase in energy production was recorded in gas and water power plants. Moreover, the percentage of energy generation in wind farms is increasing. Other renewable sources, including photovoltaic panels, increased production by almost fifty percent.

This shows that an energy revolution is really taking place in Poland. To become part of it, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of innovation, update your knowledge on an ongoing basis and act for the further development of the sector. Participating in Solar Energy Expo will enable you to achieve all of the above-mentioned goals.

International contracting during Solar Energy Expo

Solar Energy Expo is focused on integrating the sector based on building a network of international contracting. The two previous editions of the event have enjoyed growing interest, placing the event among the fastest growing on the domestic market. During the second edition of the event in 2023, almost 15,000 visitors included representatives of 35 European countries and 17 countries from outside the Old Continent. An even larger number of visitors and exhibitors from abroad are expected to participate in January. Therefore, it is worth using this for international contracting.

The next edition of PIME Energy Storage Summit 2024

Solar Energy Expo is a cooperation with the PIME Association in the context of industry education. The PIME Energy Storage Summit 2024 will be held on two stages during the event. During the conference, experts and specialists will discuss, among others, energy policy in the context of directions for energy storage. The issue of energy storage markets in Europe and good practices in this area will also be discussed. Speakers will also focus on regulatory policy in the area of energy storage and revenue models on the market. Sector leaders will advise how to make money on energy storage and indicate business prospects in the context of gas, heat and cold energy storage.

It will be a panel about innovation and dedicated to development. It is therefore worth increasing individual competences and taking another step towards building a more secure future for the industry.

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