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* estimated statistics for the 2022 edition


Solar Energy Expo is an international trade fair for the renewable energy industry. It is a two-day event attended by exhibitors from Poland and abroad to present innovative solutions for the industry. The fair is an excellent opportunity to meet specialists and establish business contacts, as well as enable the promotion and sale of equipment in the field of solar, wind, water, geothermal and biomass energy. In addition, among our exhibitors there are investment companies that are interested in cooperation and development on the Polish renewable energy market.

Profit As


  • the largest trade fair dedicated to the renewable energy sector
  • a B2B event aimed at establishing valuable contacts and learning about the current market needs
  • international fairs with foreign buyers participating as part of organized arrivals and the Hosted Buyers program
  • individual business meetings with producers, distributors and representatives of the largest companies operating in the industry


  • getting to know the offer of several hundred companies in one place and time
  • meeting with decision makers (business owners, directors, etc.)
  • a chance to sign a contract on favorable terms
  • saving money and time
  • favorable fair promotions and discounts prepared by Exhibitors
  • getting to know market news
  • to negotiate better payment and delivery terms
  • getting to know the latest industry trends
  • acquiring new business partners
  • enlargement of the assortment/offer

Industry scope


  • Solar cells and modules
    • Solar cells
    • Photovoltaic modules - production technologies
    • Thin film solar modules
  • Balance of systems
    • Inverters
    • Monitoring, measurement and control technologies
    • Building integrated BIPV solutions
    • Autonomous systems, off-grid systems
    • Energy storage technologies
    • PV software - ICT
  • Photovoltaic components (cables, connectors, etc.)
  • Mounting systems, installation aids
  • Production technologies
    • Automation technology (Improving profitability)
    • Monitoring and measurement
    • Materials and components
    • Production equipment

Solar technologies and heat pumps

  • Collectors, heat pumps
  • Building integrated solutions
  • Air conditioning and cooling
  • Machines and production equipment

Technologies for obtaining electricity and heat from renewable sources

  • Wind energy
  • Hydropower
  • Geothermal energy
  • Biomass
  • Zero-emission technologies

Solar power plants

  • Photovoltaic systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Standalone photovoltaic installations
  • Operation and maintenance of solar energy installations - O&M
  • Solar power plants
  • EPC - Project development for solar power plants

Energy Storage

Services, Consulting, Media

  • Engineering and design
  • Consulting
  • Financial services, grants
  • Research and development - Research institutes
  • Certification
  • Education and training, training courses
  • State initiatives and public authorities
  • Commercial media, publishing houses
  • Associations

EV electromobility

  • producers and suppliers of charging stations
  • installers and charging station service
  • recharging station management systems,
  • billing systems in electromobility
  • electric car manufacturers and suppliers
  • producers and suppliers of small electromobility (electric bikes, scooters, scooters and dedicated charging infrastructure)
  • test zone